Measured Building Surveys in Cardiff

As one of the leading providers of measured building surveys in Cardiff, South West Surveys has the tools, the expertise and the extensive experience required to provide an plan of any building.

Whether you require us to carry out a measured building survey on a home, a commercial warehouse or a listed building in Cardiff, our team are here to provide surveys that will record all of the elements of the space, from windows, steps and doorways all the way through to changes in the floor and ceiling levels throughout the property. You can expect to receive a full account of the

Mechanical and electrical (M&E) surveys are also available at your request. Please contact us for more information and one of our team near Cardiff is happy to assist.

Topographic Surveys in Cardiff

In addition to measured building surveys, we are also a trusted local provider of topographical surveys in Cardiff.

Using precise surveying techniques and cutting edge technology, including the latest GPS equipment and robotic total stations, we can map the natural and artificial features of any natural, urban or brownfield site. These types of topographical surveys, often referred to as land surveys, provide vital information to land owners, engineers, architects, utility companies and of course developers who are overseeing infrastructural projects and need to rely on accurate calculations when planning ahead.

We can even carry out topographical surveys in Cardiff in areas that may typically be considered dangerous or hard to reach, thanks to reflector-less technology. Speak to us today to learn more.