The Ultimate Guide to Measured Building Surveys

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Using a mixture of traditional surveying methods and the latest technology, measured building surveys provide surveyors with the ability to produce highly accurate and detailed floor plans, sections and elevations for existing buildings and structures.

Building surveys can be carried out on a variety of buildings, including properties, schools, offices and listed buildings. A measured building survey will cover the following:

Floor plans

Roof plans

Internal elevations

External elevations

Reflective ceiling plans


What Is A Measured Building Survey?

A measured building survey is an accurate representation of a building, showcasing all the structural elements and architectural features of the building. A floor plan survey is an essential piece of information to provide an accurate representation of a building, which can be backed up with elevations and cross sections.

Surveying equipment will be able to record all structural elements, including walls, columns and beams. All features such as doors and windows are then added with floor levels, heights and descriptive text to give a clear understanding and representation of the building.

When Would You Need A Measured Building Survey?

A measured building survey is required for the redevelopment of a property or when you’re looking to extend a property. Measured surveys are also useful for homeowners who require detailed information for a safety plan, as a survey records internal floor plans, internal and external elevations and a buildings cross section.

What Equipment Is Used in A Measured Survey?

Laser Measure

A laser tape measure is an electronic counterpart of the conventional metal tape measure. The laser tape measure is used to calculate the width and height of a structure, measuring up to 200 meters with an accuracy of 2 millimetres.

To use a laser tape measure, the surveyor will put the device at one point of the structure and point the beam towards the second point of the measurement. When the beam hits the second point, the sensors will convey the information to the calculating device attached to it. This form of measurement is fast, accurate and easy to use, making calculating the lengths of tall buildings, domes or any other large structure easy!

Tape Measure

A traditional tape measure will also be used for a measured building survey. Surveyors will carry and use old-styled tape to take small measurements quickly.


Digital cameras with very high resolution and infra-red vision are extremely useful for measured building surveys. They are used to snap clear and detailed photos of a building. The cameras used will often have built in Wi-Fi so that the images can quickly be shared to a device.

Protective Gear

Surveyors will often wear protective gear, including a helmet, safety shoes and hand gloves. Protective gear is vital for surveyors who are working at building sites that are halfway prepared, very old or have a risk of falling objects.

How Much Does A Measured Survey Cost?

Measured building surveys can differ in cost, depending on the scale of the building and the level of surveying that is required.

At South West Surveys, we offer a free quotation service. This free service allows people to give us all the relevant information that we need to carry out an initial assessment of the building, so that we can give you the most competitive survey price.

Contact the Survey Specialists Today 

South West Surveys specialise in measured building surveys and offer the service across different locations in the UK including Bristol, Bath, Cheltenham and Gloucester.

We cater for all property types, including flats, apartment blocks, hospitals and historic buildings.

To find out more about our measured building surveys, please contact us today for a free quotation!


What is a measured building survey?

A measured building survey is an accurate representation of a building structure, which details all the structural elements and architectural features.

What is the purpose of a measured survey?

Measured building surveys are carried out for verification and record purpose, and they’re also used for measuring floor plans, elevations and sections.

What type of buildings can be surveyed?

Any type of building can be surveyed, including flats, shops, warehouses, retail spaces and historic and listed buildings.

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