Why construction sites require a topographic survey

Why You Need A Topographic Survey For Your Construction Site

May 11, 2020

Topographic surveys are imperative for projects so that you can gain a greater understanding of the land that you’re working with, and all of its natural and manmade features.

Topographic surveys will form the basis for any future construction work, so if you’re planning a project, it’s important that you call in the experts to conduct a survey to provide you with a detailed plan of the land and all of its features.

The team at South West Surveys provide accurate and thorough surveys of land throughout the whole of the UK, and we are committed to helping your construction site stand in good stead for any proposed building work.

The value of a Topographic survey

Topographic surveys will help to answer questions about a piece of land where a building may soon stand. It can help to answer a whole variety of questions, including:

·        What are the legal boundaries of the land?

·        Is the land level?

·        What characteristics of the land might affect what is built on a site?

·        Is the site overlooked by other properties, or are there bodies of water near the land that could affect the planned building?

We can plot all of these features at a construction site, which will help everyone involved to visualise the building and to also provide an in depth land resource so that everyone is aware of its current state and features. The survey can also be used to record natural and artificial features on the piece of land, such as utility lines, sewer pipes and natural landforms, and give designers, architects and engineers a complete picture of what they’re working with.

The benefits of getting a topographic survey done for your construction site

Alongside receiving a detailed plan for architectures, engineers and construction professionals to use and refer to, the survey will help to plan and make important decisions. An accurate survey by South West Surveys will help to prevent any costly assumptions being made about the size of the site, or about other land constraints such as site levels and heights and positions of surrounding buildings.

Get in touch with the experts today

If you have any questions about our Topographic survey, or any of our other services, please do not hesitate to get in touch. We work on projects throughout the whole of the UK, but our close proximity to the South West means that we are perfectly positioned to attend jobs in Bristol, Bath, Cheltenham and Gloucester.


What is a topographic survey?

Topographic surveys are an accurate representation of an area of interest, showing all the natural and manmade features with depths and levels. The survey can be shown as three dimensional points, with features including the property, land features and physical boundary details. The South West Surveys team will visit the site to capture site features, and then process them back at our office to produce the finished report.

The survey will be detailed and accurate, outlining the plan of the specific plot of land and all its manmade and natural details. The surveys can range from simple 2D plans to detailed 3D autoCAD drawings. The professionally produced survey can then be used as a legal document to define boundaries of a piece of land. The survey can then be used to make decisions on design and project management.

The length of time it takes to conduct the survey will depend on the size and complexity of the proposed project. Once we have surveyed the site thoroughly, it will take a few days to produce detailed drawings for you to view.

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