Why It’s Important To Have A Professional Floorplan Of Your Property

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The Benefits of a Floorplan For Your Property

If you are looking to sell your property, a professional floorplan is an important element of your selling process. Research has shown that buyers are likely to be put off without one, in fact one in three buyers are less likely to enquire about a property if there is no floorplan supplied.

A floorplan allows the buyer to visualise the property and its layout much more than they are able to do from pictures. It allows them to understand the size and dimensions of the property and if it meets their needs. This prevents time wasted on both sides by enquiring about a property that does not meet their requirements.

How is a Floorplan Laid Out?

A floorplan provides a birds eye view of your property, split into floors to provide an accurate image of the layout of your home and how it links together. Consider it a map to your home.

It is important to have a professional floorplan done of your property to ensure it is designed to scale and is accurate, including all the necessary aspects such as built in features, windows and doors. CAD experts can put this together using the latest technology and software to produce a floorplan quickly and accurately.

Scale is important to allow buyers to be able to correctly plan how they will fit new or existing furniture into the space and what are their options are if they wish to renovate the property and remove a wall or add an extension.

By providing a floorplan, you are allowing them to begin imagining themselves there, making them much more likely to view your property and consider purchasing it by referring to the floorplan after viewing. One in ten house buyers would not arrange to view a property without a floorplan.

How Can A Floorplan Be Used?

Once the property is purchased, they can use this floorplan to understand and plan how to decorate their home and plan for any renovations or decorations such as a new kitchen, bathroom or wishing to convert a space. The floorplan will identify any doors or windows as well as built in appliances which will help them to understand what is and is not flexible when it comes to designing their home.

But floorplans aren’t just for home sellers and buyers, you may wish to have a floorplan produced to aid with renovation or extensions to help you understand where you can expand and how you can transform a home. It can be useful for redecorating or planning how to decorate a property and understanding the space you have.

If you own a property that you rent out to tenants or tourists, again a floorplan allows them to understand the layout in a better way than pictures ever could and can mean the difference between someone choosing your property or somewhere else.

What can House Surveys Provide?

Floorplans are one of the most basic elements of property planning and inspection, producing a basic map of a property. If you wish to move forward with a property, many people request house surveys to gain further understanding of the structural integrity of the building and any current issues or potential issues that could arise down the line. Just like with buying anything, it gives the buyer peace of mind and knowledge about their investment before they buy.

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