Surveys To Suit Your Needs

At South West Surveys, we take pride in producing detailed surveys for our clients across a range of sectors. From extensions to heritage restoration, new builds, major engineering works and utilities – we have provided our expertise and skill to providing high quality surveys for our clients.

Working across the UK, but primarily in the south west, Wales, midlands and the M4 corridor, we can provide a number of different surveys dependant on your needs such as measured building surveys, topographic surveys, 3D modelling/BIM, laser scanning, drone surveys and house surveys.


Are you planning on buying a home? We can provide house surveys to assess your prospective home to ensure there are no problems with the existing structure or any issues that could be expensive to repair down the line. This allows you to buy with confidence and make an informed decision, as well as room to negotiate on price.

We can also provide domestic surveys for works such as extensions and renovations to allow your architect to plan accordingly.


Whether you’re planning to develop your commercial premises or expand your business and build or renovate a new site, we will work with you to provide a survey of your prospective site or aid in the planning by providing you with 3D modelling of the site to benefit project management and engaging key stakeholders.

If you’re looking to develop on a new site, we can provide you with a topographic survey, so you can assess and evaluate the work ahead of you for your proposed project.


Surveys are hugely valuable in the construction industry for planning and provide every element of a construction team the information they need to assess, plan and carry out works. Whether it’s renovation onto an existing building or a brand new development, a survey will highlight any potential issues, so they can be addressed early rather than leading to costly issues and delays down the line.

The detailed measurement surveys provide allow for building to be carried our accurately and to the highest level of accuracy.


Taking over a new retail space? We can provide you with a detailed survey of your premises to aid renovation and rebranding, so your project can go ahead without a hitch and no nasty surprises to delay opening. Whether you’re a multinational company or local business, we can provide you with the tools you need to get your project running to schedule and plan accordingly.

Call South West Surveys to Find Out How We Can Help You

Whether you need a measured building survey, topographic survey or detailed 3D model, South West Surveys are here to provide you with accurate high quality results. Our experience and knowledge of providing surveys for many different sectors means we have the understanding of what information you need.

We have worked on projects of all sizes and difficulties and are only too happy to provide our expertise to aid your project. Contact us now to see how we can help you and book in your survey.