Topographic Surveys Hereford

Identify Potential Obstacles In Your Development

Whether you’re a homeowner or landowner working on a personal building project or a housing developer with a large project – a Topographic survey is an essential part of any building process. Before breaking ground, it is essential to be aware of any obstacles you may come into contact with and have the best knowledge of the ground and surrounding area you plan to build on.

South West Surveys have helped on projects of all kinds of sectors such as residential, commercial and industrial on both greenfield and brownfield land. We have plenty of experience of Topographic surveys in Hereford and an understanding of the possible site constraints that could occur.

We have aided homeowners, architects, developers, estate managers, retailers and engineers including motorway and railway surveys. Our affordable and accurate Topographic surveys in Hereford have helped aid on plenty of projects within the area with lots of happy customers who have been able to identify existing issues and conditions and had us tailor their CAD (Computer Aided Design) to their specific requirements.

We aim to provide the most accurate representation possible of an area – identifying both natural and man-made features on site. Within our CAD design we can include existing designs, structures, boundary details, a levels grid and detail on the ground surface, tree positions, drainage and service cover positions. We can conduct the survey in detail to include trees, shrubs, roads, paths and inspection chambers or keep it simple and just include key features.

We can also help illustrate how building features will look within the environment and identify any obstacles that could interfere with your original designs and plans.