Topographic Surveys Worcester

Why a Topographic Survey is a Must For Any Development

A Topographic survey is an essential investment for any building development, giving you an accurate representation of the area and the natural and manmade features surrounding your land that could influence the design of your project.

Obtaining a Topographic survey in Worcester from South West Surveys will help reduce risk and any mistakes popping up further down the line which can result in costly problems in the long run. Within our survey we will include any existing buildings, structures, boundary details as well as a grid of ground levels and surfaces.

We will even identify tree positions, drainage details and service cover positions you will have to be aware of prior to breaking ground on your development.

We have worked with homeowners, architects, developers, estate managers, retailers and engineers on projects such as motorways and railways to aid in the planning of a project. We use the latest technology and knowledge to produce our surveys and product a CAD (Computer Aided Design) to aid your project in its planning stages.

Within this, we can identify existing issues and conditions, illustrate building features, pull out possible obstacles and aid you in the designing of your project. Our survey can either show simple key features or come filly detailed with trees, shrubs, roads, paths, inspection chambers and drainage covers.

With years of experience in Topographic surveys in Worcester, we have invaluable knowledge on the land in Worcester and can provide accurate surveys and advice to ensure your development is in the best position to succeed from its early stages. Our survey work and project assistance is professional and affordable and can be tailored to your specific requirements and industry.


What is a Topographic survey?

Topography is the arrangement of natural and artificial features of an area, so a Topographic survey is designed to provide a surface description and determine the position of a feature around typical landform patterns. It identifies features on the planned development land such as buildings, boundaries, service covers and site levels. This kind of work is essential to help identify any issues that could occur later down the line.

The tools used to complete a Topographic survey depends on the terrain of the area. On most projects, GPS survey equipment is located at fixed points and measures the height and base of a specified area to produce a CAD design. It will identify existing issues and conditions, illustrate building features and obstacles and aid in the design process. In industrial areas, this may not be suitable because of large obstacles interfering with the GPS signal, so in that case a robotic total station instrument is used to measure the horizontal and vertical angles.

A Topographic survey is highly recommended at the start of a building development to identify any issues or restrictions early on in the process to aid in the design of the building and it’s positioning in the area it is planned for. Doing this in the early stages as an architect or building developer identifies any issues or risks early avoiding costly mistakes or adjustments further down the line.