Topographic Surveys

South West Surveys is the first port of call for topographical surveys. A topography survey involves accurately recording the natural and artificial features of any given area.

Traditionally these surveys would map out natural landscapes, and a therefore often called land surveys. Today, topographic surveys are conducted in rural landscapes, urban areas and brownfield sites.

We deliver:

  • Precise monitoring
  • Setting out
  • Area & volume calculations
  • As built surveys (sect 38, 104 + 278)
  • Site sections
  • Utility tracing


More information on our topographical surveys

We carry out detailed topographic surveys for many purposes using the most up to date robotic total stations and GPS equipment that allows us to plot to ordinance survey. Where areas maybe inaccessible or too dangerous to collect data, we use reflector-less technology.

We can carry out basic surveys, picking up only key features if required, but surveys usually include all detail including trees, shrubs, roads, paths, inspection chambers, drainage covers and invert levels etc.

Types of Site Surveyed

We are equally adept at producing surveys for green sites and urban sites. Sites benefitting from a topographic survey vary from private residential alterations to large scale developments, roads, railways, farmland, civil engineering projects etc.

Clients include private property & land owners, architects, engineers, utility companies and developers. Whether you are looking to develop a small plot of land for a new home, or undertaking a major infrastructure project that spans hundreds of acres, our surveyors can create the plans you need to move your project forward.

Topographical survey drawings are provided in CAD 2D and/or 3D as required and in PDF format. Paper and film copies can be supplied if requested.

Surveys Bristol and Beyond

We work on projects throughout the whole of the UK, but our close proximity to the South West means we’re perfectly positioned to carry out topographic surveys in and around Bristol, Bath, Cheltenham and Gloucester.