The 5 Reasons Why You May Require A Measured Building Survey

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Measured building surveys collect measured data, which enables a surveyor to be able to produce detailed plans, elevations or sectional drawings of a building. The measured data that is collected can be delivered as two dimensional drawings, but they’re more commonly presented as three dimensional ‘BMI ready’ solid or wireframe models.

Here we explain a few of the reasons why you may require a measured building survey.

Refurbishment of a property

It is very important to assess the structure of an existing house before starting on the refurbishment of a property. Regardless of what you plan to do with the property, the project will require a careful and well-informed assessment of the original building and its capacity to be altered, extended or in-part demolished. A survey will help to assess the building and prepare reports so that the finished result is a success.

Historical archiving

Drawings and surveys are an efficient way of conveying the evidence of a historical building. A measured building survey of a historical building will show bay lengths, wall thickness and alignments, and will help to record the form or location of significant historical structural detailing, such as timber, decorative moulding profiles of door surrounds or metal framing.

Lease plans to define a space

A measured building survey can help you to design anything from a school to a simple residential extension. It will produce accurate scaled drawings of a potential building so that it can be understood how the building will be constructed. The drawings can vary in complexity for different applications, from detailed fire safety drawings to simple building location plans.

Structural changes

Measured building surveys can survey major structural features, such as floor levels, doors, down pipes and window openings accurately. This will help any proposed features for a building to ensure that they are positioned correctly, and the Architect will have the confidence that the existing drawing is highly accurate and reliable.

Interior design layout

Measured surveys help to form the early stages of any interior design layout, so that the designer can prepare a design scheme tailored to that particular property. Measurements of the walls and doors will be taken, alongside other fixings, and then these essential measurements will help to create a design that fits into the existing space.



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