What Are The Benefits of Using a 3D Building Model in Construction?

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5 Benefits of Using 3D Modelling For Construction Projects

Deciding if you should use 3D modelling and BIM for your next construction project? BIM stands for Building Information Modelling and is a way of creating 3D models for buildings and create accurate construction plans. It is used across architecture, engineering and construction to help create detailed plans and understand how different design approaches will look on the finished project, as well as identifying any mistakes before work takes place.

Here are five benefits of using 3D modelling for your construction project:


First and foremost, 3D Modelling & BIM helps with the visualisation of the project from the design process with the architect to the presentation of the designs to the investor, it helps everyone gain a true understanding of what the finished project will look like. It can be put in the context of the location it will be built and provide an understanding of how it will fit with the surrounding area.

Streamlines The Design Process

3D modelling and BIM is an excellent solution if you are looking to get a project off the ground quickly or you need to supply a proposal to a client, investor or stakeholder quickly. 3D modelling can reduce the design time by 45%, helping to streamline the process.

The Opportunity To Experiment

One of the best things about 3D modelling is that you can experiment with different ideas and be creative in your design, seeing what works and what does not work in the context of the building and the surrounding area. You can also identify any potential design problems there and then, rather than causing costly issues down the line.

Brings The Project To Life

The great thing about 3D modelling and BIM is that you can provide a virtual walkthrough of the building, exploring the aspects and gaining a true visualisation of what the finished project will look like in realistic lighting. It really brings the project to life and allows stakeholders to make informed decisions and gain a true understanding of what to expect from the project. You could even create a VR experience!

Shareable Format

Unlike a physical 3D model, virtual 3D modelling and BIM can easily be shared with others digitally, either as a video animation or stills. Therefore can you do easy promotion of your project to all the key stakeholders and investors, which is ideal when we are all working remotely like we are now!

This also provides you with assets to share with the public and allow them to fully understand the development and support it.

How South West Surveys Can Provide 3D Modelling For Your Construction Project

Whatever your project, we can work with you to provide 3D modelling and BIM designs to create a realistic vision of your project – providing context and detail. We can create a 3D digital model from 3D point clouds, 2D drawings or visiting the site and completing a full survey.

We can provide this service for existing buildings, historical buildings or building plans. Any building can be modelled this way and there are endless options for bringing your project to life. Whatever your reason for obtaining a 3D modelling of your building or building design, get in touch with South West Surveys to see how we can work with you and help bring your project to life for investors and stakeholders.





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