What Projects Do South West Surveys Take On?

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About South West Surveys

At South West Surveys, we have twenty years collective experience in producing surveys for building surveyor projects. We have aided in a range of different projects such as extensions, renovations, heritage restoration, development sites, utility pipelines, solar farms and even busy motorway junctions.

We work throughout the UK, primarily in the south west, Wales, Midlands and the M4 corridor but have worked on larger projects elsewhere in the UK. We have provided our services to residential, commercial, industrial and public sector projects.

Measured Building Surveys

For our measured building survey services, we use laser scanning to provide quick and precise measurements for surveys which can be done without disturbing the building or any tenants of the building. This helps us to build a precise exact image of all the elements of the building which can be made into 3D images that include full detail and accuracy.

We provide our surveys in CAD but can also provide them in paper and film copies if required.

Topographical Survey

Topographical surveys are a type of land survey which help to create an accurate representation of both natural and manmade features in an area. They can be used to measure and identify angles and distances as well as identifying any condition issues with the land.

We’ll use a GPS survey to identify fixed points on an area of land and use reference markers to measure the height and base of an area. From these markers, we can produce a CAD drawing for a detailed map of the land.

Find out More Here: South West Surveys Bristol-based Land Surveyors

3D Modelling/BIM

3D modelling or BIM (Building Information Model) are a way of creating an accurate model of a building using 3D point clouds or 2D drawings. These can be used for marketing, helping investors visualise future developments and for architects to view their plans in a real world environment.

There are different levels of detail available. LOD 1 provides a massing model which provides a 3D shape of ‘mass’ structures, the main landscape, surfaces, paths, kerbs, roads but has no structure features such as windows and doors. It’s used for volumetric assessment.

LOD 2 provides a structural model, with features the main structure’s features such as windows, doors, internal walls, floors and ceilings but without architectural features such as window and door frames, fitted furniture and joinery. These are usually used for refurbishment or extensions.

LOD 3 is the next level up and provides architectural features to provide an accurate representation of the building with details such as roofs, chimneys and panelling.

Finally LOD 4 is a high spec model that includes every detail, including satellite, lighting and security systems.

Laser Scanning

Laser scanning is a way of providing a high accuracy survey of a building or land. It uses laser beams to capture details of a building such as sizes and details and can be used to produce a 360 degree angle photo or plan of a building.

It works by shining the laser onto the building or an object and collecting data from what is bounced back to create cloud point data which provides 3D ‘XYZ’ coordinates which are used to develop the 3D model or plan.

Drone Surveys

Drone surveys use drones to get to hard to reach areas or areas which would be risky to access directly such as railways, motorways, small islands or dilapidated structures. The drone captures JPG images which can be converted to a rich 3D point cloud.

This type of survey is ideal for large tree covered areas as it can penetrate tree canopies. Our drone pilots are CAA approved.

House Surveys

Finally, house surveys are probably the type of survey most people are familiar with and are usually commissioned by people looking to buy a home to check there are no issues to the building’s structure that could cause costly problems down the line.

We can also provide more detailed surveys that provide a full analysis of the property’s construction and condition.

If you are interested in using any of our services, please get in contact to find out more and book in the type or survey that suits you.




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